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Tonight is my 2 year anniversary with Greatstockpix.com....paid for my lifetime membership over 568 times! Thank you GSP and have a very Happy New Year.

My first trade with you guys and I already covered my lifetime membership! Thanks!

In the last twelve trading days I have made over $12,000 mostly with a new skill trading waterfall plays. Thanks for the guidance training and help.

This is the first time IN MY LIFE my account is up over 10% IN ONE DAY and its all cause you taught me to buy weakness and sell strength. Thanks so very much!

Mike, I have learned more in last few months than I have in any book and I'm ashamed I let these guys lose my money for years. Another $1300 day....Thanks!

Love your service...I tell everyone I know about you guys!

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Day Trading Course Video


Selective trading coupled with the great teamwork in our chat room helped me make over 350% in my trading account in 2015 without ever holding a stock overnight!

Will our live trading chat room fit your trading style? See what our members have to say. You can join our trading room right here. Unlike many chat rooms, we give you our trade ideas BEFORE we buy them!

Our goal: To teach you to wait for the right entry so your trades are 'in the green' almost immediately AND to help you find these setups in real-time! 

Most of our calls are accompanied by a live projection of the chart while we explain the setup, and entry and stop ideas over a microphone.

Not only do we find profitable setups in real-time, but we have a dedicated team that helps us. Since many of our members have become profitable trading these setups, they have joined us in alerting the group when they see one. Want to see this teamwork in action? That join button is your first step.

See our daily watch list videos on our YouTube Channel.

If you're looking for a day trading chat room where the members all work together and pumping bragging and competing are non-existent, congratulations for finding us. Become a member and you'll quickly see how different a trading room can be.