Am I a Professional Day Trader in Spite of my Wife??


I’m not sure how many times I told my wife if I ever became a professional daytrader, it would be in spite of her, not because of her!

What a terrible thing to say, but I didn’t care. She was on my ass simply because I blew up another trading account. How could she not see how great our life would be if she would just support me while I figure all this trading stuff out?

So, back to working overtime to rebuild my account so I could trade again. I did this more times than I’d like to admit. It sucks. All traders go through it, like a rite of passage.

In retrospect, the traders that finally make it are the ones with a spouse like mine. She would tell me that perhaps I wasn’t cut out to be a trader. Perhaps it’s just impossible to master. Maybe she was right, but I didn’t want to give up and it just felt like she was kicking me when I was down.

So, am I professional trader now in spite of her? HELL NO! I’m a professional trader now BECAUSE of her. The lectures, the yelling, the disappointment in her face really hurt at the time.

But, after a short time, she would always support ‘one more try’. She knew I had the passion and even though I’m sure that deep down she thought I’d never pull it off, she never gave me the old ‘give it up or I’m leaving’ speech.

In hindsight, she was actually going pretty easy on me! How stupid could I be to keep going back to my old ways of gambling vs the actual process that I have now. There isn’t one ounce of gambling in my trading anymore. I haven’t had a red day since June (today is September 8th).

If you’re the spouse of a struggling trader, learn from my wife. We need the lectures, but we need support as well. Make sure the trader in your life learns a process that takes the gambling out of their trading. It’s a profession that is well worth the early struggles!


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