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Many people are already registered with Discord and don’t even realize it. Perhaps you’ve joined a Discord room in the past and simply forgot about it. The best way to find out is to simply go to and try to login. It should let you know if you already have an account. You may have to use their password reset feature if you forgot it or maybe even try ‘forgot my username’ if it offers that option. If you don’t have a Discord account already, create one. Once you are logged into your Discord account, EMAIL US at We will send you a special first time invite to get into our chat room. THE BUTTON ABOVE WILL NOT WORK YET!  Once you’re in our chat room (called ‘gsp-chat-room’ under text channels), YOU MUST post in there that you need to be made a member and I will grant you permanent status (your name will turn yellow once I’ve done this so you will know). Once this happens you will never need the special invite link to get into the room again. Our room will always be available to you when you open discord.

If you are new here, a great way to get up to speed on our trading style is by watching our free webinars!





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