Chat Room Format and Rules

Chat Room Rules:

If any of the following rules are broken, the offending member will be kicked from the room (you may or may not get a warning). Repeat offenses will result in a permanent ban from the room.

1. No offensive language of any kind.

2. Make your posts count. Before posting, ask yourself ‘could this help the room’. A volume alert on a stock could help somebody. A comment about coal stocks being strong could help somebody. A comment like ‘housing stocks getting killed’ could help somebody. XYZ getting volume could help somebody. Just posting a symbol with no comment does not help anyone. A personal conversation with a few friends you’ve made should be taken elsewhere. Form a Skype group or use a free chat room or Twitter for such things. We want our room to be focused on the markets. If you get kicked out by a moderator, that is your warning that you are violating the rules. DO NOT come back in chat and try to debate it. That is more clutter. If that happens it will result in a ‘ban’ in which you won’t have chat access any more for a period of our choosing.

3. No politics or religion (this is a trading room and not the venue for such topics).

4. Alternate trading methods (other than the ones we teach) are welcomed in the room. However, for any trade, you MUST post your entry (or the entry you are stalking) ahead of time or at the very latest in real-time) so others can follow your ideas and decide later based on your record whether or not to follow you. If you don’t post your entry, do not post your profits!! It does not help anyone if you post ‘after the fact’ profits.

5. If you want to rise to chat room star status, it’s really simple. Call your entries in real time. DO NOT talk about profits from a trade you already made but never called your entry. We do not allow ‘history lessons’ to be given on trades that were not alerted in real time. I have been down that road and have no interest in doing it again. If you consistently make good calls that others can trade as well because you alerted your entry in real time, chat room star status will be unavoidable.

6. DO NOT be rude to fellow members, EVER! If you have an issue with anyones posts, simply send me a private message about what’s bugging you and I’ll decide if it’s worth dealing with. I will never allow the chat room to become like some internet message boards where people bash eachother. . If you have bottled up aggression, take it elsewhere. It is extremely important to me that our chat room remains a friendly, teamwork oriented environment for everyone. After all, I had a job for a couple of decades that I hated, and I have vowed to keep this job as my forever happy place.

Placing Your Trades:

Our calls will normally be in the format XYZ 12.52/12.38. That means I’m looking to buy XYZ if it gets up to 12.52 and my stop will be at 12.38. There are other call methods like XYZ 2’s idea or 5’s idea as well. You need to learn these before trying to trade them. Here is some of our chat room terminology to help you get started.

It is IMPERATIVE that each member accepts personal responsibility for learning the setups and how to trade them. Nobody should EVER blindly follow or try to shadow somebody else’s trades. That is not what we do here! Personal education and personal responsibility are paramount in safe, intelligent trading.

If you are new here, and you don’t know what these terms mean or how to trade them, that is exactly why we say to ‘paper trade’ for your first week or two before putting any money into these trade ideas. We want you to be very clear about how to trade our setups, and how to take profits, tighten stops, etc.

To help everyone achieve this, we will be doing a Q and A session every now and then to get new members up to speed with our format.