Chat Posting Guidelines

Examples of post that are helpful:

XYZ volume XYZ vol on news XYZ big spike XYZ rug pull XYZ ww (worth watching) XYZ possible 80s play setting up XYZ shape
XYZ possible PFPD (potential final push down) XYZ clean pullback XYZ into the buy zone (area between the 8 and 20emas) XYZ flagging XYZ back near hod (high of day) XYZ NEWS

These are all great posts and examples of what we want members to type in! If four people all type in “XYZ vol” at the same time that’s great! It means we’re all looking at the same thing and maybe we’ll get a Tokyo play out of it!? And if you type in “XYZ ww” please make sure it’s clear on the chart what others should be watching for.

However, please understand that these posts are NOT calls. So, if you type in “XYZ ww”, please don’t tell the room later how much $$$ you made trading XYZ. The only time you should be discussing a trade outcome is if you actually called a trade. A call is a specific idea with a price involved. Here are some examples of “calls”:

XYZ over $17 XYZ 1.26/1.19 XYZ seller at $.26, could pop over that XYZ over hod XYZ on 2s XYZ on 5s XYZ on 15s XYZ reverse 2s XYZ r/g (red to green, aka through the opening price)

Note: In all these example it’s important that the stock hasn’t triggered yet. So please don’t type “XYZ over $17” if that happened a minute ago and it’s already trading at $17.10. Please don’t type XYZ 15s if the 15s triggered 2 minutes ago… Also, typing in “long XYZ” , “in XYZ” and/or “XYZ here” are NOT calls. Buying a stock and then posting you’ve taken the trade doesn’t help anyone.

Please understand the reasoning for all of this is we want to keep everyone as safe as possible. FOMO and/or chasing is hard enough to overcome without the peer pressure of the chat room. Mentioning profits after the fact on something you didn’t actually call is just a distraction. We want the chatroom to be all about the teamwork! Posts should HELP other members of the room.

From time-to-time a call will trigger while you’re typing. That’s ok! We all type posts a little late occasionally. So please don’t hesitate to post if you see an idea setting up that you are confident in. If you’re late, your late and it’s no big deal. As with posts that aren’t calls, please don’t boast about your profits later though.

Many times, after a call from a moderator or others you may see someone type “XYZ won’t lose”. This is just our way of letting everyone know that we are now in entry protection mode after selling SOME shares. If the stock comes back down to our entry, we’re back out and on to the next trade.

Also, please keep in mind that you should never feel like you must post anything but if you want to help, please follow the guidelines above. If all members follow these guidelines we strongly feel everyone will benefit from the posts more and our chat will continue to have THE BEST TEAMWORK ON THE DAY TRADING PLANET!

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Course Feedback
MemberGreat Stock Pix LLC
No question from me today, but a compliment instead... there are more than enough good calls made everyday in the room. Joining was the best trading choice I've made to date.Thanks!!
MemberGreat Stock Pix LLC
Hello, just wanted to send you a quick email and let you know how much I have not only enjoyed but also have learned in the few short weeks I have been on you site. I generally trade 1-2 days a week because my real job gets in the way, but i have been able to log 9 days now in your room. Of those days i've only had 1 red day & that was due to a risky trade i made on my own. Ive traded for years, always a bit nervous going into a position, but watching your ...
MemberGreat Stock Pix LLC
Mike,I won't keep sending emails, but want you to know that I just had my first multiple four figure day and it is completely due to being in the chat room. The strategies you teach in the videos have really helped me........ After trading alone for two years, your room is like a breath of fresh air.Thanks!!
MemberGreat Stock Pix LLC
Love your service...I tell everyone I know about you guys!
MemberGreat Stock Pix LLC
Mike, I have learned more in last few months than I have in any book and I'm ashamed I let these guys lose my money for years. Another $1300 day....Thanks!
MemberGreat Stock Pix LLC
This is the first time IN MY LIFE my account is up over 10% IN ONE DAY and its all cause you taught me to buy weakness and sell strength. Thanks so very much!

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